Monthly Check-ups


Your property in France is more than likely the biggest investment you have, and if it isn't your main residence then you are not always going to know if there are any problems. That's where we come in, we will come and visit your property once a month (more often if you want) and use our thorough check list to make sure that your property is problem free. This is especially important when we have storms like the one in Feb 2017 which caused a lot of problems for thousands of people, fortunately for our clients we were on hand to help.


Our monthly inspection provides complete piece of mind for just 30€ per visit (plus travel costs). If we find a problem we will inform you and we can arrange the appropriate tradesmen to fix the problem, but 9 times out of 10 we can fix it ourselves.


On our monthly property inspection we are looking for the following:


Roof inspection for leaks and missing or slipped roof tiles

Leaking roof lights (a very common problem)

Signs of rodent problems

Signs of any kind of forced entry

Damp problems in the walls

Leaks around windows and doors

Storm damage, especially power lines and phone lines

Signs of blocked gutters


Included in our monthly visit we can also:


Add your monthly chemicals to your fosse septic (if you have one)

Take your meter readings if required for: water, electricity, gas and fuel

Some people like us to take photos for them, that's no problem at all!


For just 30€ per month you can rest assured that your house in France has someone watching over it.


Also somebody walking around your property once a month lets people know that the property has regular security checks, which could deter any would be thieves.


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